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And very important for parents with daughters 

to them in this regard, enlighten and educate.

Hello dear parents and women!

Many women among you have too little aware how important hygiene is between her thighs.

Although you know how you deal with menstruation and use appropriate products to protect the clothes of blood.

But I want you now to draw attention to a particular problem, which always causes infections and other inconveniences that could be avoided. That is the fact that the female body, the genitals and the anus are both only just a finger's breadth each other.  In natural size, this looks like the following example:

So the risk is great that the bacteria, germs and viruses from the excrements can get into the vagina and where they lead to infections that may have catastrophic consequences.

To avoid this, it is very important that after you sortet urin and excrements in the toilet, you clean and dry you with a bowel movement in the right way, that is always with your hand from the back ( never forward front ! ).

  1. Dry the vulva with the first piece of paper and thus go back with it and clean the anus.

  2. A second piece of paper folding and soak under the tap. To wash the anus.

  3. With a third handkerchief now dry the anus.

  4. Then you can get up, the panty pull up and you feel clean again and fresh !

If you do not have water nearby, so also helps a bit urine to drench the second paper.  Or do you have a little bottle of water in your handbag ?

Another important addition:  I had to make the experience that in foreign toilets in restaurants, at rail- way stations the toilet paper rolls are full of bacteria.  I went to a train station to the toilet and dried after the "business" my penis from ruct paper from the toilet roll on the wall. The next day I had a rash on the penis glans and pain in the abdomen. That was already a urinary tract infection and led to a very painful, evil pyelonephritis in respect of which I had to see a doctor and suffered weeks long.

Therefore you should always in your handbag or in a garment bag some perfectly clean papers have with you that you to take at home. The first piece of paper for the vulva must be absolutely hygienic.  For this purpose, suitable is a quartered arch of a household paper roll, a piece of paper from the toilet roll at home or a half paper handkerchief.  The other paper surfaces are then not so important clean.

When I travel I always have at least five such folded piece of paper in the trouser pocket, to blow my nose or if I have the necessities required to do in the woods, and i also has a red dog feces bag that i can leave the place perfect to clean up.

It is also important what you wear for underwear.  Thongs and strings are actually not suitable for hygienic reasons, because these slip by tilting the body and just as flat as bacteria and viruses can move from the anus to the vagina to see such as here:

For these reasons, proper underpants are advisable, which cover both the genitals and the anus, and do not touch it, except maybe just a little while you sit .

I hope I have not shocked you, but properly cleared up you in a really quite important matter.

I've had a wife (who died unfortunately in 2010), which in our house led a dedicated health practice with great success, an she was an expert on Craniosacral Therapy and with thirty years of activity in the University Hospital of Zurich as a nurse and surgery room Head, had a tremendous experience.

Together with her I visited various therapy courses, studied anatomy and natural we discussed a lot about their activities.  And so of course I'm a lot of thought on how to help their fellow human beings to circumvent health problems by appropriately correct behavior.  And not just for men, but also for all  lovely women.

Now I have at  www.gesund24.at  just seen an insightful article about pantyhose:

Doctors warn:  Tights present a risk to health and should be washed regularly.

How often do you wear your tights before they wander into the laundry basket?  Probably too often!  After all, who wears his tights more than once, thereby creating ideal conditions for vaginal infections, acne and cystitis.

Many women tend to her pantyhose as jeans or bras to wear - as long until they begin to smell bad.  Then, however, it is already too late, because the humid and warm air between the legs provides bacteria the perfect environment to be comfortable.

In addition, the synthetic fibers of tights support the warm climate.  Especially in combination with synthetic fabric panties from this can easily lead to complaints fungal infections and bladder. The increased sweating can also cause acne and skin irritation, as well as the feet are suffering with unpleasant odor underneath.

The right lingerie

It is all the more important to wash tights after every single time and to wear fresh socks daily. Tights made of nylon or Perlon keep even at high temperatures their shape and can be washed at up to 60 degrees.

For these reasons, it is advisable to wear the right panties above under tights.

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And here are 8 important tips from the Internet for intimate hygiene:

8 Tips for proper personal hygiene

Outside hui - inside all just? Exaggerated hygiene in the genital area may even be harmful in some cases.  How healthy intimate hygiene goes right - and what you should keep your hands, we explain here.  Sure, cleanliness is important, but excessive hygiene can harm the genital area more than good. So you should take care of your jewelry box just as seriously as the rest of your body care.

Here eight best intimate care tips:

1. Exaggerated hygiene is counterproductive
The vagina is in a constant self-cleaning process. That's why the way discharge is also normal. Since the vagina done their job itself, we must not accept this for them. A little water in the intimate zone therefore sufficient. Stay away from intimate washing lotions or perfumed shower gels. The reason: The low pH level of a healthy vaginal flora acts as a shield against the colonization of the vagina by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. Shower gels would disrupt this pH and open so germs and bac- teria the door.

2. Only just not let bygones be bygones
Washcloths and sponges are playgrounds for bacteria and germs, the better should not enter into the intimate zone.  Even thorough, hot washing of textiles sometimes helps because not completely. So better yet completely without these aids.

3. Change your underwear regularly
Tighten every day a fresh panties, preferably cotton, because it is breathable. Synthetic fibers namely promoting the sweating and heat and humidity are unfortunately an ideal breeding ground for fungus. Here, incidentally, rather than pick up the string to slip.  Because the latter can rub and carry pathogens from the anal direction vagina.  Always clean underwear also in hot water cycle in the washing machine.

4. Forget the "internal cleaning".  Align the jet of the shower never directly into the vagina. And you waive vaginal douches or sitz baths, unless the latter have been prescribed by a doctor. Also during menstruation extends to cleaning the outside of the shower fine.

5. Insert after sex a Pipipause.
Make after intercourse directly going to the toilet. Through sexual activity bacteria from the intestine or the vagina can much more easily get into the urethra and there - if the necessary given ments - leading to inflammation. The toilet they are flushed out again, not hanging fixed and can not develop into a bladder infection. 

6. Pay attention to the correct toilet
It's pretty simple, and yet one of the most important tips:  Wipe the toilet paper always from front to back.  Intestinal bacteria could get into the vagina, where they do not belong.

7. Perfuming never down rum
Apart from an engagement in the vaginal flora plus irritated skin and possible allergic reactions cause Intimate deodorants absolutely nothing. They are unnecessary and the day before yesterday. Away with it!

8. You go to frugal with panty liners
As support during and shortly after the period panty liners are ideally suited. For the duration of application, they should not serve, however.  The protective plastic film prevents air circulation in panties.  So Heat may build up moisture and will not be removed, which can lead to unpleasant odors in addition to the risk of infection.

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So:  Best Health and Happy wishes you Thyl STEINEMANN

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