Important for Men

Hello men !    Many of you are still "Standing pisser".

That should change now, because when standing on the toilet, it is inevitable that the urine stream times bib and urine splashes come down to earth.  This is not only unhygienic but also begins soon to stink.

I have experienced something times in Salzburg when we were at a doctor's family to visit and Sylvia and I also stayed there.  On the first floor was the doctor's office with a toilet and on the second floor was the apartment, also with a toilet.

The lower toilet reeked mess, because the doctor was apparently a "Standing pisser" and some patients might also.  In contrast to the upper toilet that did not smell of pigsty.

We were quite shocked that we have to experience something in a doctor's house, as we have experienced at any other place in germs.

But we have in Austria, other friends, in which the toilet is on the wall a sign:

  "Wise men sit on the toilet"  This toilet is perfectly clean and smells good.  It should be so ! 

I have long been accustomed urinating sitting on the toilet, but it is reversed, facing against the wall:

So nothing can go wrong and it is also quite comfortable.

So men:  Who else "Standing pisser" is, please relearn and be exemplary !

If one leans the lid on the chest, one also avoids that unpleasant smells rise into the nose.

Your partner will thank you when they need to wipe urine stains on the ground up not repeatedly.

 And you need no more to have a bad conscience after pee, if you are a "Sitting pisser".


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